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Mike Eng:  State Assemblyman for the 49th District

…The Biggest challenge is how to save energy.  I’m here to support the efforts.  I’ve started the first Environmental Commission in the San Gabriel Valley and the City of Monterey Park when I was Mayor of Monterey Park….Thank you for all the work that you do….

Polly Low:  Councilwoman, City of Rosemead

…What is so important of this event is for you to have the knowledge of the key things as how to save energy and money.  Putting events like this takes a lot of effort and working behind the scene takes a lot of work….Thank all the 3 partners, Global Energy Services, SCE and SCG for working together….

Julie Constanzo:  Councilwoman, City of San Gabriel

…You are taking the first step in saving energy, saving money and giving back to the environment.  This is so important that you are all here today, showing us the importance of saving energy…I thank you for bringing all these people together…

Bob Bruesch:  Garvey School Board Member, Garvey School District

…SCE is our neighbor.  I was put on the Energy Education Committee….I worked with SCE to develop energy conservation materials for students.  I’ve used this material in the classroom for the last 30 years.  What makes me happy is that with the help of SCE, young adults and families in our community are instituting what we were teaching 30 years ago…

Anthony Wong:  Councilman, City of Monterey Park

…I commend Global Energy Services, SCE and SCG for their hard work and efforts to introduce this energy savings and the green environment program to reach out to this community…

David Lau:  Councilman, City of Monterey Park

…Appreciation for your dedication and efforts in creating a partnership with our community to educate, promote and bring awareness to energy efficiency programs through seminars and outreach programs.  Your goal to create a healthier and better environment through proven synergies is empowering…

Alice Buczek: Program Manager, Southern California Gas Company

…We’ve had a contract with Global Energy Services since 2002 and we’ve had a very successful relationship, exceeding our goals in reaching out to the community. We hope to continue those efforts…

Richard Genece: Senior Manager, Southern California Edison

…This program is very important, and unique in that it enables us to deliver information and show information in saving energy and money being offered in multiple languages.  This is a great opportunity to partner with the community…

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